Discover How life can be with an entire organization Supporting your Journey.

The Ultimate Resource Hub for Any Vision

Imagine a world where you can make a living off your dreams and imagination. We know how difficult  and confusing starting a business can be. Without a proper road maps and the resources, it can cost you tons of time and money. Heck we have helped over 15 businesses and brands for over 10 years now.
We are an organization built by entrepreneurs with the goal of helping other entrepreneurs and passionate artists realize their dreams and passions.

By helping you build resources and network you need to reach your goals.

Dreams that are Becoming Reality

Chucknone is an example of an artist we worked with for a while now. Supporting his dream of becoming the next legendary EDM artist. From warehouse performance to playing at festivals. He has risen over the years in the fandom scene into the mainstream.

When you join Emperial you aren't just a clients, you become another crucial resources to aid others on their journey.

Praze Music

The Legendary 818 has been the birth 0f place the worlds biggest talents. Now Praze joins their ranks. A talented Audio Engineer, Producer, Singer, and MC. He rubs shoulders with the biggest artist on earth.

Norms Studio

For over 50 years now Norms Studio working closely with  Hollywood, content creators, schools and young film makers  as they develop new tools to improve  the film experience.  Norms Studio is one the few remaining  US manufacturers!

Underground Gaming Arena

Esport’s ultimate testing ground. Here Rivals can build a name for themselves, as they compete for the Title: King of Games & Cash prize at UGA

Empire Media Group

Your Ultimate Media Company Empire Media Production has been producing Live Shows, Commercials, Promo Videos, Content, Event Coverage,  Photography and Music Videos for over 10 years now.

Empire Media Group Logo


Afterz, a community building promoting company supporting your local artist by giving them platform to play and network. Plus dope parties make it all the more fun. Coverage,  Photography and Music Videos for over 10 years now.

Presense and Image is Everything

Your audience’s know your business from what you show them.

Media Production

Content generation can be a duzzy your audience perception of your work is reflected by the content you have. complement the quality representation of your craft. Focused commercials and high gloss photo shoots

Online Marketing

Once you have your brand. You'll need to start marketing it to your audience. It can be overwhelming to take Content management, web design, market research all on your own. Our experts can take those responsibilities off your hand so you can focus on your strengths.

Live Events

Creating live events is no joke. Figuring out how to sell tickets make money is even less of a joke. That's why our teams have create the tools and strategies to create and run events of all kinds. From conventions to concerts.

Stop Dreaming and Making Excuses and Get Started now.

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