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We fully embrace the ideals of Game Theory and Open Source.
What does that mean exactly?

We are pioneering new philosophies of business,
ones that prioritize people before profits.

We integrate Game Theory into all of our works because
Game Theory is about finding the fun in everything.

We are an Open Source business,
meaning anyone (even you) can work with us on any project that peaks your interest.

Current Projects

See a project that interests you? Join us in making it happen.
Email us with how you'd like to help and we'll find a way to fit you in.

All These Waifus!

Help build your dream Waifu in real life and
watch them compete to claim the throne of
Dream Waifu!

Get Involved!

Paragon Society

How much would you pay to live one day longer? Imagine a society curated to increase the days you live. A society curated to be stress free and need free. Its a new way to live, a new concept for a society. If heaven on earth exists, it'll be in a Paragon Society.

Learn More.

Anibot World

Imagine WestWorld, (without the sentient AI). Combine this with Pokemon, Zoids, and Medabots. The first massive multiplayer game in real life (MMGIRL).
This is the ultimate objective of Emperial.

Join us.

Robert Biehn

Storyteller at heart and trade. He's worked for others long enough and is ready to share his stories with the world through books, music, and video.

Read his stories.


Music is his passion. Day in, day out, music is the essence of his life. A mixture of old school synced with new to create a sound uniquely Praze.  

Discover Praze.


Directors and photographers love working with her charming personality and visual range. From period pieces to fantasy settings, she's the right person for the roll. (...maybe that's why we work so much with her) 
Model and Actress.

Peak at her works.

Katie McAuley

Brand new to the music scene with a fantastic voice. Music has always been her passion and now she is finally ready to share her talents with the world.

Discover Katie.

We are the future, market to us.


People in USA


Millennials and Pivotals


Spending Power

What we do...

Honestly... we do a bit of everything related to business. From conceptualizing a business all the way to launching it, we can do it all. We can even help revitalize your business so it can continue to be relevant to your future customers.
To list few key things we can help with:

  • Marketing
    1. Business Plans
    2. Marketing Plans
    3. Website Development
    4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    5. Google Ad Management
  • Media
    1. Commercials
    2. Music Videos
    3. Video & Photo Shoots
    4. Video & Photo Editing
    5. Live Events
  • Talent
    1. Brand Building
    2. Marketing
    3. Producing
    4. Distributing
    5. Merchandising

Email us

Whether you want to work with us on your projects or you want us to work with you on yours,
send us a message with as much detail as you can and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.
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