UPDATE: July 4th ONLY | Los Angeles, CA

1-Day Micro-Tourney

Update: The venue we booked was raided by the cops! More info below.

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The venue we booked was raided by the cops! So the Smash Tourney has been reduced drastically. (Damn underground!)

Luckily, our ally Afterz was able to find a backup place for their party, Critical Lit, and we will have stations for the Micro Tourney while the party is raging. (Underground all the way.) 

So, if you want to experience UGA’s Smash Micro Tourney, please come party at Critical Lit and game with us. Tickets to Critical Lit gains you access to the Smash Tourney. The token system will still work the same way.

We apologize for this is last-minute change, it’s one of the risks of doing things underground :p

If you decide to still check out UGA’s Micro Tourney, then we’ll make sure you have an experience that you’ll never forget. Gaming mixed with raving, only at UGA. 

Main Event

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


How Micro-Tournaments Work

  • Pick a station to play in.
  • Place your entry fee into the pot.
  • Compete with other players.
  • Winner of the round wins the pot.
    • (minus a small fee for us hosting)
    • (each round typically lasts 5 mins. long)

You could win every 5 minutes!

The beauty of our Micro Tourney,
You can play for just $1.
$1 = 1 Token

UGA Event Schedule

July 4, 2019

Thursday – 4th of July
8 PM – 4 AM

Critical Lit

Hosted by Afterz

A party hosted by our allies at night. They have a separate entry pass. More info on that party here. We also have an All Access Pass here.

8 PM – 4 AM
Thursday – 4th of July
UGA Smash Micro Tourney

Come experience UGA’s Micro Tourney format – a tournament where anyone can play and win.

Where It’s At

A-List Music & Co
423 E Washington Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90015

Located just minutes away from the LA Convention Center.

Buy Critical Lit Tickets Now - Space is Limited.

Space is limited to only 350 people. Buy your tickets now to ensure you get a spot.

Critical Lit Tickets

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Thanks to our sponsors for making this event an experience to remember.